Why Us?

Teddy’s Concealed Dog Fence uses only the top invisible dog fence on the market today – the eXtreme Dog Fence® Max Grade System.

These high quality pet systems come with a 10-year warranty so consider a FREE quote from us and compare with others before you commit.

We will meet or beat any competitors quote!
Why Us?, Teddy’s Concealed Dog Fence

The Wire

The first thing to mention is the quality of the wire. eXtreme Max Grade wire is a 14-gauge, solid copper core cable. It has a thick, 60 ml polyethylene jacket on the outside of it. It is so durable that you can place the wire on top of the ground, without having to bury it at all, if you so desire. Completely waterproof and UV-resistant, eXtreme Max Grade wire can handle anything that Mother Nature sends its way.

The Collar

Nice and lightweight, the collar that comes with the eXtreme Dog Fence only weighs 3.3 ounces. This makes it ideal for dogs both big and small. The contact points that come with the dog fence collar are covered in rubber. They are called Comfort Contacts™, for good reason. They make the dog fence collar more comfortable for your dog to wear. They are infused in metal, so the static correction still makes it through the rubber material.

The Transmitter

On the transmitter, you are able to control how close the dog gets to the wire before the collar activates. This is important because some yards are smaller than others. Some dogs are larger than others, and need to be stopped farther back before the wire.

The eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter has 7 different levels of correction for you to choose from. There is also a beep only mode that is used for training purposes. Each collar is programmed individually. This is ideal because each dog is able to have its own level of correction that is right for him or her.


Why take a chance when it comes to the health of your pets? eXtreme Dog Fence® has a stellar reputation. Manufactured in the USA, the company, eXtreme Dog Fence® is known for their superior American-based customer service that is available 7-days a week.

Why Us?, Teddy’s Concealed Dog Fence